SentryPro Park Sentry

Black Kit - PS-B-KIT
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Price: $301.00
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The Park Sentry Wall System is a way to utilize the impact-absorbing properties of our Park Sentry Round panels against a variety of flat walls and absorbs the impact of collisions without scratching painted finishes. The wall system is attached above and below the "bumper zone," meaning no fasteners to scrape the vehicle. Park Sentry is made of lightweight, energy-absorbing ARPRO, the same material used in automobile bumpers. Park Sentry Wall system is an easy-to-install barrier meant to reduce the cost of vehicle collisions while providing a highly visible, attractive appearance.

  • Standard kit perfectly fits a 24” x 24” column
  • Easily modified to fit any sized square, rectangular, or round column
  • Installed with reflective straps with closures
  • Includes 4 Planks, 4 Corners 2 Straps


Item Name: Park Sentry Black Kit
Wynparts #: 19-SE-PS-B-KIT
MFR Name: SentryPro
Color: Black w/ Black Strap
Material: Expanded Polypropylene Foam
Style: Park Sentry
Unit of Measure: KIT
Weight: 20
Lead Time: 5-7 Days


Since 1998, thousands of Column Sentry products have been sold around the world. Following the success of Column Sentry, came Rack Sentry, Concrete Wrap, Corner Sentry, Park Sentry and Guard Post. All of these safety products protect something from damage when it gets hit. Sentry Protection Products impact resistant protection products are distributed and sold worldwide are known for their innovation and quality and have been recognized for this by a number of industry organizations. Located in Lakewood, outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Sentry continually works to introduce new ideas to the marketplace. Recognized for simple design, ease of use and value to users, Sentry products are now manufactured in the US and Europe, and are sold all over the world.